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Facade planning

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Facade facility management

Phase 1.1 – Clarification of the assignment, consultation
Clarification of the assignment with the planner, Consultation regarding technical and economical solutions
Basic Services
  • Determination of conditions regarding the completion of the construction, including the contributions of additional specialist engineers
  • Determination of the objectives with the client and the engineer, especially in terms of technical and economical principles
  • Determination of the significant functional, static, constructive, technical, and building physical boundaries
  • Consultation of client regarding terms of use
  • Consultation of client regarding the preparation of a planning concept in regard to realization and authorization, cost and economic efficiency 
  • Examination of solution possibilities, including statements regarding economic efficiency and correlation with adjacent buildings
  • Determination of uniform prices for the first cost estimate 
Special Services
  • Analysis of planning (e.g. temperature conditions, sound influences) with regard to technical, building physical, and economical respect
  • Thermal simulations, thermodynamic flow analysis
  • Determination of a detailed schedule
  • Examinations, measurements, and calculations concerning various energy-efficient aspects
  • Participation in meetings, travelling expenses included
  • Examinations of variations and development of a list of criteria as a basis for making decisions
  • Complete estimation of costs for the facade, including quantity determination
  • Examination and assessment of existing documents
  • Assessment for facade renovation
  • Drafting of renovation designs
  • Examination of existing constructions regarding hazard potential
Phase 1.2 – Development of technical solutions and drafts
Consultation regarding the development of a planning concept
Development of technical solutions via drafts under consideration of architectural, technical, and building physical requirements
Basic Services
  • Consultation of the contractor regarding the planning design in terms of realizing special requirements, and including other engineers
  • Consultation draft
  • Consultation and support regarding sampling, no mock-up facade
  • Consultation of client and contractor regarding cleaning
Special Services 
  • Cost estimates and determination of uniform prices
  • Determination of cutting forces and anchor loads
  • Consultation concerning mock-up facade 
  • Participation in meetings, travelling expenses included
  • Building physical calculations
  • Drafting of Energy Performing Certificate
  • Static calculations serving as proof (estimated calculation for tendering)
Phase 1.3 – Negotiation and authorization
Co-operating consultation during negotiations with authorities
Basic Services 
  • Co-operating consultation of client and contractor for negotiations with authorities concerning possibility of authorization
Special Services 
  • Preparation of documents providing proof for regulated and non-regulated building components and preparation for individual approval
  • Participation in negotiations with authorities concerning possibility of authorization
  • Participation in tests
Phase 2.1 –Specifications for tendering
Drafting of Specifications for tendering
Basic Services
  • Drafting of basic design as specifications, including the representation of cuttings on an appropriate scale (e.g. 1:1); basic design of variations as basis for tendering
Special Services
  • Examination of specifications by the planner concerning usability for further handling
  • Preparation of static calculations which go beyond pre-dimensioning
  • Static calculation of anchor bars, anchor plates, and dowels, as well as the preparation of anchor plans
  • Detailed calculation for separate components (e.g. glass-statics), which go beyond pre-dimensioning
  • Preparation of a detailed schedule for the installation process or logistics
  • Preparation of principles (designs, clarification etc.) for the development of mock-ups or prototypes 
  • 3-dimensional designs
  • Participation in meetings, travelling expenses included 
Phase 2.2 – Preparation for tendering
Basic Services 
  • Preparation of description concerning the construction
  • Compilation of special qualities of the construction
Special Services 
  • Determination and compilation of quantities as a basis for specifications according to the planning of the contractor 
  • Examination of the specifications through the contractor, phase 2.1 including a test report
  • Preparation of the complete “General Preliminary Remarks”, part 1, as complete tender including:-
  • - all necessary clarifications with construction management/client 
  • - alignment with contract
  • - alignment with building site facilities, installation facilities, storage, scaffolds
  • Preparation of the complete “General Preliminary Remarks”, part 2, as complete tender including
  • - detailed technical description of all building physical, functional requirements etc.
  • - detailed technical description of all requirements of components such as types of glass, fittings, panels etc. 
  • Preparation of a detailed tender with quantity estimates and unit price inquiries in PDF/Word
  • Compilation of all electronic attachments of the tender, such as planning documents of the planner and facade specifications 
  • Preparation of brief specifications as excel document
  • Bidder investigation, preparation and assessment of a bidder-check-list
  • Preparation of a list of bidders in agreement with the client
  • Shipping of all documents on CD-Rom, including the burning of the disks and the covering letters
  • Separate tender for mock-up facade
  • Participation in meetings, travelling expenses included 
Phase 2.3 – Cooperating in Tendering
Basic Services
  • Cooperative consultation concerning the assessment of offers
Special Services 
  • Technical support for bidders concerning the offer
  • Inquiries of bidders concerning offer and preparation of a status report for the client
  • Technical assessments of offers, 3 bidders max.
  • Preparation of price list including calculations and checking for completeness and correctness
  • Assessment of price list and preparation of listing of unit prices per bidder, includes checklists for interesting bidders as preparation for tendering
  • Preparation of technical bidder checklists
  • Preparation of technical tendering records as preparation for tendering
  • Participation in negotiations with bidders
  • Compilation of all documents for tendering, brief specifications etc.
  • Cooperation concerning separate tendering of mock-up facade
Phase 2.4 – Object Monitoring
Basic Services
  • Technical examination and authorization of the installation plans, supplied by the facade manufacturer, in addition to the assessment of design, measures, and load safety
Special Services
  • Technical consultation of the client during the complete phase of object monitoring
  • Examination of the design of the mock-up facade and cooperation during approval
  • Technical support and approval of bench-tests
  • Quality-control concerning approval of products from suppliers
  • Quality-control concerning manufacturing through facade manufacturer, including preparation of detailed report and photographic documentation and travelling expenses
  • Quality-control concerning the installation, including preparation of detailed report and photographic documentation and travelling expenses
  • Assessment of subsequent offers of facade manufacturer
  • Technical assessment and approval of the installation plans concerning subsequent offers
  • Participation in meetings
  • consultation and cooperation concerning the planning of the object documentation and CE-markings
  • Assessment of the object documentation in terms of completeness
  • Assessment of the object documentation in terms of functionality, including test reports
  • Preparation of maintenance plans, maintenance tenders etc.
  • Cooperation concerning tendering
Phase 2.5 – Additional Special Services
  • Building physical, isothermal calculations/assessment
  • Aerodynamic and thermal calculations and simulations
  • Calorimetric measurements
  • Development, planning and approval of mock-up-facades and prototypes
  • Execution, planning, organization, and monitoring of tests/measurements
  • Preparation of schedules, logistics, and installation
  • Preparation of plans for cleaning and maintenance of the facade
  • Assessment of existing facade, examination of anchors etc.
Range of Services
  • preparation of private Expert’s reports and services for windows and facades by specialized and experienced personnel 
  • technical examination of planned and existing facades
  • assessment of damages and defects
  • monitoring and assessment of tests
  • assessment  of existing buildings
  • assessment of performance level
  • preservation of evidence
  • monitoring and assessment of production and installation
  • assessment and execution of approval
  • Expert’s report regarding defects, before the expiration of warranty

Individual examinations, measurements, and special services
  • Function tests of building components e.g. door fittings, electric drives, etc.
  • Surface inspections of e.g. visible screw joints, corrosion protection, gaskets, joints, anchorages etc.
  • Long-term measurements with special monitoring station for e.g. double facades
  • Thermographic examinations
  • Thickness measurements of glass
  • Thickness measurements of layers
  • Humidity measurements 

  • Assessment of office and administration building, Heidenkampsweg 74/76, Hamburg
  • Assessment of Stadthaus Offenbach, office and administration building, Berliner Straße 60, Offenbach
  • Assessment of property, building Tauentzienstraße 18, Berlin
  • Assessment of new building expansion Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg
  • Assessment of building Mühlenstraße 9 - 10, Berlin-Friedrichshain
  • Assessment of Porsche Development Center Weissach
  • Assessment of Top Tegel Berlin - building M
  • Assessment of building esmt Learning Center, Berlin
  • Assessment of Häussler Rosenpark, Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Assessment of building Klingelhöferstraße 5, Berlin
  • Assessment of building Friedrich Carree 148, Berlin
  • Assessment of Taunus Tower, Eschborn
  • Assessment of glass roof of the building Friedrichstraße Berlin
  • Assessment of Kölnturm, Cologne
  • Assessment of Leibniz-Institute for Age Research - Fritz-Lippmann-Institut e. V., Jena
  • Assessment of Hauber Nürtingen
  • Assessment of headquarters Allianz Munich
  • Assessment of Sparkasse Donaueschingen
  • Assessment of office and sales building, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
  • Assessment of office and administration building, Hohenstaufenstraße, Berlin
  • Technical assessment of an Expert’s Report for an office and administration building, Friedrichstraße, Berlin
  • Assessment of office and manufacturing building, Herrenberg
  • Assessment of office and administration building, Cologne
  • Assessment of office and administration building, Unterföhring
  • Assessment and thermal imaging of office and administration building, Bad Soden 
  • Assessment of office and administration building, Berlin-Mitte
  • Assessment of office and administration building, Ludwigsburg
  • Technical consultation regarding fire damage of office  and sales building, Lindenstraße, Berlin
  • Assessment of office and sales building, Hausvogteiplatz, Berlin
  • Assessment of hotel building , Magdeburg
  • Assessment of administration and production building, Dieburg
  • Assessment of office, sales, and apartment building, Nuremberg 
Range of Services
  • servicing and maintenance of facades and windows
  • visual inspection and function tests of all components of the facade 
  • examination of changes caused by climate factors, damages, and wear
  • safety checks regarding technology, function, and regulations
  • servicing; also during the on-going use of the building
  • client-oriented service, examination reports, and photographic documentation
  • highly specialized personnel
Special Services
  • examination and assessment of existing constructions
  • warranty verification
  • conceptual development of technical solutions regarding the individual project
  • planning, consultation, and support concerning reconstructions due to sanitation
  • tendering and awarding of renovations
  • testing and measuring
  • documentation
  • assessment of current state of construction 


Our Profile

As independent consulting engineers for facade techniques we take over the planning of sophisticated facades through our specialized engineers.

Since founding in the year 2000, our staff has grown up to over 20 employees. Our offices are located in Bietigheim-Bissingen (near Stuttgart) and Berlin. 

Our company’s founders and engineers have all gathered years of experience working for well-known facade companies. This experience involves monitoring large-scale façade projects regarding all technical and commercial areas, as well as facade maintenance. 

With the relevant participation in a number of large-scale projects such as e.g. Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Olympia Stadium Berlin, we were able to gain excessive practical experience which has been of great advantage for us as technical planners.

Our engineers have an abundance of façade technical know-how and high levels of creativity accompanied by teamwork, practice, and pragmatic orientation.

Therefore we are in the excellent position to be able to develop and design individual, system independent and high-quality economical solutions for our clients until the execution on site has been carried out correctly and precisely.

Team and Equipment

Our highly motivated team includes

  • Facade engineers, facade technicians, and facade designers
  • Experienced facade project and site managers 
  • Authorized facade experts and facade inspectors
  • Assistants for project  management and administration

Professional equipment, IT, software, measurement devices - all state-of-the-art.

Our Contribution

Modern facades are required more than ever to be innovative and to fulfill a number of complex demands regarding building physics, technology, thermic, energy, climate conditions, as well as individual demands of a specific project. Additionally, facades are required to fulfill high standards in terms of quality, stability of value, durability, sustainability, and economic efficiency. 

As a result of the constant advancement of technology and science, technical, material specific and energetic knowledge has progressed as well, resulting in new solutions and possibilities regarding facade technology. 

Therefore, the range of applicable solutions regarding execution, materials and components is as extensive as it has ever been, and is most likely to increase in the future.

As a result of all these complex and varied conditions, the realization of multifunctional and sophisticated facades requires a considerable subject specific field, which demands specific and individual planning by competent and experienced engineers. This subject specific field is what we excel in.

We support the general planner and architect in close collaboration with the complete team of planners through the process of competent façade planning, beginning with first ideas, preliminary drafts, cost control, principle detail planning, and finally high quality execution on site.

Damages and defects are monitored and preventively averted during planning as well as during the execution. This benefits the client, all project participants, and the users.

Our Philosophy

Expertise and experience are our solid foundation.
Ideas, innovations, team spirit and motivation drive us.

Our guiding principles are: 

  • Productive efficiency
  • Independence
  • Professionalism
  • Continuing expansion of knowledge
  • Client orientated support and consultancy
  • Strict monitoring and inspection
  • Durable structures without defects


  • Element facade system with ceramic design elements
  • Cleanroom element facades
  • Modul skyscraper facades
  • Gasket profile system
  • 3D adjustable stainless steel anchor system in laser cutting technology
  • Efficient installation and logistic concepts
High density element facade
Anchor system facade
3D Adjustability


Article - Cleanroom facade

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Article - Planning of building structur deformations to avoid building damage

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architectureworld 2015 at 20.03.2015 in Muenster 
Theme "Basic principles of the curtain wall technique to avoid building damage "
Speaker: Günther Weigle

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