Company profile

Our independent office for facade engineering was founded in 2000 by the shareholders Günther Weigle and Manfred Pani. Our company’s founders and engineers have all gathered years of experience working for well-known facade companies. This experience involves monitoring large-scale facade projects regarding all technical and commercial areas.

With the relevant participation in a number of large-scale projects such as e.g. Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Olympia Stadium Berlin, reconstruction of CH1-Highrise building in Frankfurt etc., we are able to make use of extensive practical experience.

Our engineers have an abundance of know-how and a high level of creativity paired with teamwork, practical experience and pragmatic orientation.

Staff and equipment

Our motivated staff includes 20 employees:

  • 3 facade engineers
  • 5 state certified metal engineers
  • 5 facade object managers
  • 2 facade construction managers
  • 3 experts and inspectors
  • 2 assistants for administration, human resources and finances

Professional equipment:

  • State-of-the-art workstations
  • CAD-software such as Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Athena etc.
  • Isothermal and static software
  • Sets of regulations concerning metal construction, construction law, environment protection
  • State-of-the-art measuring devices
  • High-resolution cameras

Benefit from the synergy effect

Our wide range of services induce a synergy effect, from which our clients can benefit.

Our longstanding experience… 

  • ... as experts shows that many deficiencies can be avoided through professional planning of the facade.
  • ... in maintenance and servicing of facades have given us insight that deficiencies can be avoided by choosing the suitable high quality materials, fittings, surface material, corrosion protection etc.
  • ... as experts in the planning of facades shows that quality assurance and technical assessment accompanied by approval procedures, quality assurance and appropriate facade construction management help avoid deficiencies in construction.

Our philosophy

Expertise and experience are our solid foundation. Ideas, innovations, team spirit and motivation drive us.

Our guiding principles are:

  • productive efficiency
  • independence
  • professionalism
  • continuing expansion of expertise
  • client-orientated support and consultation
  • strict monitoring and inspection
  • durable structures without defects