Facade maintenance and facility management


  • use of experienced facade inspectors
  • development and assessment of project specific maintenance concepts (facades, doors and windows)
  • performance of facade maintenance (facades, doors and windows)
  • visual inspection of all facade components as follows:
  • functionality, safety, usability (windows, door fittings, motors, mounts etc.)
  • Deficiencies, defects and wear of surfaces, corrosion protection, glazing, gaskets, grouting, anchors etc.
  • accordance with approvals, test reports
  • adjustment and maintenance of functional components such as fittings
  • client-oriented service, test reports, photographic documentation
  • synergy effect with facade techniques

Special services

  • examination and assessment of existing facades, on-site inspection in order to determine expense of maintenance and servicing intervals
  • tendering, monitoring of maintenance
  • conceptual development of project specific solutions
  • planning and organization of availability of spare parts
  • workflow concepts for user and tenant
  • planning, consultation, support during restructuring
  • examination of warranty and condition

Benefits of facade maintenance and servicing

  • facade manufacturers require maintenance of facade
  • without maintenance only limited or no warranty is guaranteed
  • guarantee of functionality of the building, including windows, doors, sun and glare protection, smoke and heat ventilation system, driving rain impermeability etc.
  • guarantee of serviceability
  • avoidance of deficiencies (personal- or material damages)
  • building operators are obligated to provide facades servicing and maintenance
  • guaranteed long term conservation of value
  • expectations of user / tenant will be fullfilled
  • maintenance prevents investment backlog

References of facade maintenance

The listed projects are an extract of our references regarding facade maintenance.

  • high-rise office building with administration office, Berlin, facade surface approx. 57.000 m²
  • bank building complex, Ludwigsburg, facade surface approx. 34.000 m²
  • administration and office building, Munich, facade surface approx. 27.000 m²
  • office building, Dusseldorf facade surface approx. 20.000 m²
  • tower, Eschborn, facade surface approx. 13.000 m²
  • high-rise office building with administration office, Berlin, facade surface approx. 12.500 m²
  • shopping center, Wildau, facade surface approx. 9.500 m²
  • music- and congress hall, Lubeck, facade surface approx. 9.000 m²
  • office and conference building, Berlin, facade surface approx. 8.400 m²
  • office building and hotel, Berlin, facade surface approx. 8.000 m²
  • administration and office building, Stuttgart, facade surface approx. 6.500 m²
  • embassy, Berlin, facade surface approx. 3.000 m²

more references