Facade planning and consultation

Main goals of facade planning

We offer professional and goal-oriented support throughout the general contractor‘s entire planning  process. This includes consultation in the following areas: first ideas, drafts,  analysis of variants, cost control, detailed planning and realization, in accordance with quality assurance.

Deficiencies are prevented in the planning and implementation of projects. This benefits the client and the user/tenant of the building.

Fee-based services according to AHO (german fee-system for engineers)

All facade engineering and object planning services are in accordance with the German Fees Systems for Architects and Engineers AHO (August 2017) and HOAI.

The scope of services and their fees are in accordance with the German Fees Systems for Architects and Engineers AHO (August 2017).

AHO Heft Nr. 28 - Excerpt from the table of contents

Richtlinie VDI 6203 Fassadenplanung Kriterien, Schwierigkeitsgrade, Bewertung

Fee-based services (excerpt)

  • consultation throughout planning process
  • execution of the object planner‘s draft
  • draft, evaluation of varieties and costs, development of profile and construction without reference to any companies
  • execution of requirements regarding statics, building physics, building technique and energetics
  • economically profitable planning
  • development of concepts regarding maintenance, logistics and installation
  • preparation of contracts, evaluation of offers by tenderers
  • guaranteed contractual security and cost security
  • object monitoring including the approval of installation plans, prototypes, quality assurance management, construction management etc.

Our spectrum of facades

  • glass facades containing, aluminum, steel, metal and wood
  • modular facades, curtain wall facades
  • double facades, ventilated facades, climate facades
  • air-tight cleanroom facades
  • membrane facades
  • post and crossbar facades
  • ceramic, brick and stone facades
  • glass roof constructions, connecting bridges
  • special constructions containing metal, glass and structural glazing etc.

Status quo of the facade

Modern facades are required more than ever to be innovative and to fulfill a number of complex specifications regarding building physics, technology, thermic, energy, climate conditions, as well as individual demands of a specific project. Additionally, facades are required to fulfill high standards in terms of quality, stability of value, durability, sustainability, and economic efficiency.

The range of applicable solutions regarding execution, materials and components is as extensive as it has ever been and is most likely to increase in the future.

For large-scale projects, the proportion of cost for the facade amounts to about 15-30% and can be considered the main investment for projects in the building industry.

Facade planning as an independent discipline

Multifunctional facades of large-scale projects usually contain customized constructions. Planning of such custom made facades usually require technical expertise for this special field, which only competent and experienced engineers for facade techniques are able to offer.

The complex technical and legal regulations (DIN-, EN-standards, energy saving and energy efficiency regulations, workplace ordinance, quality regulations, CE-label etc.) make discipline specific facade planning indispensable.

The main goal of planning is avoiding deficiencies in planning, execution and installation, as well as avoiding non-lucrative investments and minimizing future maintenance cost. According to our experience, this can only be achieved by assistance of qualified facade engineers.